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Tile That Looks Like Wood

Hardwood floors are key to beautiful modern homes, and renovations are ripping up outdated carpet in hopes of finding natural wood underneath. The detailed coloring of hardwood floors like oak, mahogany, and pine will add flair to any room, but they can be very difficult to obtain. Wood is known for cracking and expanding due to moisture, and can be easily scratched just by normal daily activity. Homeowners that love the look of wood, but would prefer a longer-term investment should consider wood look tile.

wood look tile

This porcelain wood look tile is designed to mirror the grains of wood, and can be applied in a way that mimics the size and laying pattern of common wooden floors. The grout color can be customized and carefully placed to perfectly capture the gorgeous appeal of hardwood. Tile that looks like wood is often less expensive than hardwood, and actually offers many benefits in areas that traditional wood is flawed. Wood tile can tolerate humidity, is more durable to daily stress, and is also easier to clean. Since the product is man-made, homeowners can customize the size and shape of the wood tile, as well as add features like radiant heating.

When deciding between real hardwood and tile that looks like wood, consider your family life. The durability, easy-cleaning properties of wood tile could be an extreme advantage to homes with young children who enjoy running around and getting messy. Traditional wood flooring won’t last in damp and water-prone areas such as bathrooms, but wood tile is the perfect solution to add class without risking expensive water damage.

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