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What Are the Types of Carpet?

When discovering the many different possibilities for carpet for the first time, the process can be overwhelming. There are many different designs to consider and each design offers their own unique benefits. One of the largest factors that should be considered when purchasing a carpet includes how a carpet feels underfoot. Another factor is the effort it takes to keep the carpet clean is the way the pile, or loops of fiber that make the bulk of the carpet, is cut and shaped. There are many variations of piles, but they all fall into one of two categories: cut pile or loop pile. Stop by our Buddy’s Flooring Carpet One showrooms to see for yourself the different types of carpet we have to offer. 

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Cut Pile Carpets

Cut piles are generally softer than looped because of the way the tips of the fibers are sliced. Unfortunately they can be more prone to staining, showing marks, and suffering from general damage as a result. There are several different types of cut pile carpet to consider:

  • Velvet: Uses untwisted fibers and a level cut while creating a plush surface.
  • Cable: has longer fibers that sway with traffic through the room.
  • Shag: Known for its thick and lengthy coils across the foil.
  • Frieze: Has a springy carpet effect from the way it is cut and twisted.
  • Saxony: has an increased resilience with the way it is cut and set with heat.

Looped Pile Carpets

Looped pile carpets are separated into two main styles. Pile loops are uncut and the surface is supported with the strength of the fibers. This makes for an incredibly durable product.

  • Level Loops: Consists of a constant height that is designed to battle the potential of any damage.
  • Multi-Loop Pile: Created with different heights that create a slightly softer carpet.

Combination Piles

Combination pile carpet combines the features and characteristics of the previously mentioned carpet types to create its own unique texture and feel.

  • Random Shear: A deluxe texture that uses both the cut and uncut loops that are different heights.
  • Level and Cut Loop Pile: A style that is made of both cut and loop piles for its own distinct feel.
  • Tip Shear: Has the same features of the random shear in terms of how it is made, but the visual appearance is far less noticeable. 

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