Hardwood Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance your hardwood floors can look great for years to come!

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Hardwood floors combine durability, elegance, and style to bring an ageless flooring option that will astonish you and your guests. Proper care and maintenance are essential for such an important investment in your home.

Proper Steps to Take

  • Sweep hardwood floors frequently to collect and dust or dirt that may accumulate
  • If using a vacuum, ensure that it is on the bare floor setting to prevent any potential scratching damage
  • Before using any cleaning agent for your hardwood floors, be sure to check with the manufacturer and your warranty to be sure you are using an approved product
  • Place rugs under sinks  and by all major entry ways to collect water and debris
  • Insert furniture protectors under the legs of any heavy furniture to prevent any damage
  • Clean up spills immediately

What to Avoid

  • Do not using cleaners designed for any other flooring option
  • Avoid using a steam mop or a traditional wet-mop on your hardwood floors. Both have the ability to negatively affect the finish of the hardwood
  • When moving any furniture, be sure to lift it completely off the ground to prevent any scratching that would otherwise occur
  • Never walk on hardwood floors while wearing high heeled shoes or sports cleats

Hardwood floors have the unique ability to never go out of fashion. With continued care and maintenance, the timeless look of hardwood floors will not fade. They will continue to impress guests for years to come.

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