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What are the Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Offering versatility, affordability, and many other benefits, it’s easy to see why vinyl flooring continues to be a very popular flooring option. This type of flooring can fit any budget and any style of décor, and they offer excellent performance as well. Are you considering this flooring material for your home? Take a closer look at vinyl, available coatings, and all the benefits they have to offer.

Manufacturing Methods

Vinyl flooring is manufactured in different ways. Inlaid vinyl is made by melting vinyl granules of various colors into patterned designs, offering a durable, thick flooring option. Liquid vinyl resin is used to construct homogeneous vinyl, and while color options are limited, it’s provides the most wear-resistant option. The most common manufacturing method is heterogeneous construction, which is done by layering image layers, making it possible to simulating various materials.  

Wear Layers

A wear layer coats vinyl flooring, helping to improve its damage resistance. The type of wear layer used determines the durability of the flooring and how resistant it is to scratches, scuffs, and dents. The least expensive option is a vinyl wear layer, which is used on entry-layer flooring. Urethane happens to be the most common type of wear layer, and it resists scratches and stains with ease. For the best durability, an enhanced urethane wear layer offers extra hardness to the flooring, resulting in a longer life. 

The Benefits

Design Options: You can find vinyl options in many different textures, patterns, and colors, from vinyl tiles that let you create exciting patterns, to vinyl sheets that offer the look of leather, wood, stone, and more. 

Affordability: Sheet and tile vinyl options happen to be some of the most affordable flooring options available. And even more expensive styles are still reasonably priced so they easily fit into your budget. 

Durability: Since this type of flooring is designed with wear layers, if you choose a quality wear layer, you’ll have a durable flooring option that lasts for many years. 

Easy Maintenance:  If you’re looking for flooring that’s easy to maintain and clean, nothing is as easy to deal with as vinyl. Simply sweep the floors regularly and use a damp mop from time to time. With advanced coatings, these floors protect against moisture, stains, fading, and scratches and spills are easy to clean up. 

Many different vinyl flooring options are available to fit your home’s unique décor. Visit our Buddy's Flooring Carpet One showrooms today to find the flooring that meets your needs. 

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