Advantages of area rugs

Find at Buddy's Flooring Carpet One the best selection of area rugs for your home. 

Bare floors can get a quick and beautiful makeover if you add some area rugs to the decoration mix. Area rugs are frequently used to accompany hard surface flooring such as tile, laminate, vinyl or hardwood. What are some of the many benefits of adding an area rug to your room? Take a look! 

Area rugs add a layer of protection to your flooring. Synthetic area rugs which are made of "breathable material" - their construction permits air to move through that space between the floor and your rug, while at the same time preserving a firm hold - will prevent unwanted moisture from being captured. At the same time area rugs help to protect your hardwood floors from receiving unwanted scratches and gouges.

Place an area rug or mat at any entry points to the room, especially if there is stormy weather or snow outside. The rug will capture dirt and moisture that might enter the room of your guest's shoes. Area rugs add a soft surface underfoot, as well as protect your floor against excessive foot traffic or heavy furniture. At the same time, they can add warmth to a room, reduce noise and echoes, discreetly hide any floor damage, and complement the existing decor. 

Placing area rugs in just the right spots is an art form. Take into consideration the room's layout, and how your rug will best complement the furniture. Here are four suggestions for how to decorate with area rugs: 

- Put all of your furniture completely onto the rug's surface. This gives a cohesive, traditional look to your room.

- Make your living room cozy by placing a small area rug on the floor, and then put all the furniture around the rug's periphery. Make sure that your rug is either the same length or a bit longer than your couch to make the room feel proportional. 

- Match the shape of your rug to your dining room table. Choose a rug that's big enough so that all the chair legs will be on the rug, whether they are pulled in or pulled out. 

- In a double-sided bedroom, pick a smaller area rug to flank your bed, so that your feet will be when getting into or out of bed.

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